Rats in the attic, ughh!   Gross, destructive, and just plain creepy.  Rats have learned to find refuge in the attic’s of homes throughout Vegas, and throughout the world.  They burrow into the insulation, to build nests for their young, pooping and peeing along the way.  This soiled insulation creates an odor, which acts like a beacon for other rodents.  In addition rats love to chew, which includes plumbing lines, air ducting, and electrical wiring.  This chewing results in expensive repairs, and has even caused homes to catch on fire.

Among our many pest control services, we at Genuine Pest Control, offer an attic clean up service.  This involves removing the existing insulation, vacuuming up the rodent feces and nesting, closing all exterior openings to insure the rodents can’t re-enter the structure, and installing new insulation.  We are thorough and know what we are doing, attaching a 1 year guarantee to our work.

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