Insect Control

Insect control is the most commonly requested pest control service and includes pestering ants in the kitchen, creepy spiders in the garage, unwanted silverfish in the bathroom, and a host of other infestations. While there this some variation in technique and product used depending upon the insect infestation, generally we follow the same procedure.

Inside we spray along the baseboards with an effective odorless product, as well as along the edge of the ceiling when spiders are present. Outside we use a power sprayer, and treat your property up to 30′ from the main dwelling, which is fairly unique. Treating such a large area outside, creates a strong barrier, and allows you to enjoy your patio or sitting area outside, without the threat of insects.

Although completely safe, some customers prefer a milder treatment outside, in which case we can hand spray the base of the house and other hot spots up to 30′ out from the structure. We are flexible and will work with you in finding an effective treatment that addresses your needs.

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