Why an attic clean-up? 

After eliminating a rodent infestation in one’s home, additional sanitation procedures may be used to remove potentially harmful contaminants from soiled attic spaces. It can be unsettling, even upsetting to some, knowing that the attic of their home is soiled and unclean. Rodents, as well as their urine and droppings, carry diseases and parasites. Even after successfully eliminating an active rodent infestation, harmful pathogens remain in the debris.


  • Health

Once your attic has been infested, germs, spores, and bacteria from feces, urine, and nesting materials are present. These may threaten the health, especially respiratory health, of your family.


  • Reinfestation

The scent of soiled insulation attracts other rodents or birds to your attic. Rodent scent is like a beacon of harborage, attracting other rodents to your home. It is not uncommon for rodents to attempt to aggressively chew their way back into a home if there is a strong rodent odor. 

The only effective way to eliminate rodent related odors is to remove soiled insulation, sanitize the space, and replace with new clean insulation.


– Rats

– Birds

  • Insulation is too old

Dust, debris, and moisture affects your insulation’s ability to do its job keeping your home climate controlled in hot or cold weather. Like a pillow, the fibers will condense and shrink over time, becoming less effective.

The Procedure:

  • Remove all accessible insulation, nesting material, rodent/bird feces, and debris.

  • Once fully vacuumed, a liquid sterilizer will be used throughout the entire attic to remove any residual odor caused by rodent/bird urine.


  • Replace the insulation using R-38 batt fiberglass insulation.

Our company will take all the necessary steps to insure a fast and safe work environment.

– All crew are required proper PPE (personal protective equipment):

  • Respirator Mask
  • Gloves
  • Shoes Covers (Booties)

– We fully cover all work areas using drop cloth on the floor and plastic sheets on the walls to ensure that no dust or debris falls through the home.

– We sanitize areas of the home after work has been completed for the day by spraying disinfectant in the air and areas the crew contact (doorways and knobs.)