I woke up to the sound of scratching, clawing, and biting. My heart raced into overdrive.

“What could be in my house?” “Who could be in my house?”

The clawing and scratching continued, as did my adrenaline. I rushed out of bed and put my slippers on and grabbed my son’s baseball bat.


At this point, I started sweating, wondering how and when something or someone got into my house.

I walked down the hallway, slowly, stealthily.


I knew I was getting closer, my heart knew, my blood knew…


I turned around the hallway, passing my daughter’s room, squeezing the bat in hand.

The kitchen, it was coming from the kitchen.

Then, came the moment of fight or flight, courage or fear. I chose courage.

I flipped on the light and locked eyes with the ravenous beast………………..


The above story, however colorful, is a real fear for some people. Waking up to the sound of clawing, scratching, or chewing in the middle of the night is never fun(either are RODENTS).

 It’s October, a beautiful time in the Las Vegas valley. A time when children get lost in their imagination, and adults can be reminded of their youth simply by the crispness in the air. Spooky stories, scary movies, and delicious treats. Cobwebs, candied apples, and campfire-style ghost stories. A time where ghouls and goblins abound.  We love it….

Unfortunately, so do rodents. Mice and rats find comfort and heat in the attics, walls, and crawlspaces of our beloved homes. The candy you have ready for little Johnny to hand out to his schoolmates is possibly being watched by those darn critters.

We at Genuine Pest Control want your holiday season to be easy and relaxing. We specialize in rodent control and clean up in the desert. So if you’re hearing anything, or seeing any signs of rodents activity(dropping, chewed food or wires) don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free estimate.

We will promptly come out and fix the situation, so you can have more time planning horrible pranks for the kiddos.