Insect Control

Insects in and around our homes and businesses for some is an annoyance, but for others it is down right scary. Our thorough and specific treatment methods provide great control and allow you to enjoy your spaces worry free of pests.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice enter our homes and businesses uninvited in search of food and shelter. Our innovative deterrent based solution combined with exclusionary work insures they stay gone for good.

Bird Control

Birds, especially pigeons, are a plague to southern Nevada.  Their nesting can cause serious damage and create leaks in roofs.  Our thoughtful exclusion methods insure the birds can no longer nest on the structure and blends into your home or business.

Weed Control

No more HOA worries. We remove existing weeds and debris and treat your property with preventative herbicides. All work guaranteed.

Attic Cleanups

After the rodents are gone, there is sometimes an unpleasant mess left behind, which can both be a health concern and disrupt the peace of our homes. We offer multiple clean up services specific to your needs.

Termite Treatment

Whether you need a termite inspection for a new home purchase or refinance, or are concerned you may have termites, we have you covered. We also provide preventative treatments for new construction and existing infestations.

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Las Vegas Location

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