Rats and Mice

Scratch, scratch, scratch. If you’re hearing noises above your bedroom ceiling, it could be Rats. Roof rats or black rats have adapted well to living in our modern homes. They typically climb walls or trees to gain access to the roof, and then enter the attic through openings smaller than a quarter. Rats love to nest in insulation and breed quickly. They chew into ducting and through wiring, posing a fire hazard. Through all this, they are constantly peeing and popping, which creates an odor that attracts future rats.

Fast breeding and potential carriers of disease, Mice, like to live near their food source. Pet food being popular among them. Being able to pass through openings the size of a dime, mice often access crawlspaces for shelter and to breed. As mice become comfortable with their surroundings, they begin to spread out. Unfortunately home owners are not often aware of the problem until they start finding droppings inside the house. Mice are naturally nocturnal so if you come across one in your home in the day time, typically there are many more.

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