Weeds growing

As the winter season is coming to a close the rain is pouring down in sheets. It’s when it’s raining and the wind is blowing away. Weeds are spreading like green wildfire. Those pesky weeds are not good for your gardens. The make there way close to your trees and other plants stealing their lives away. Once you are playing in your yard you are also tripping on them!

They are blocking your view on the road too. When you are crossing a four way intersection, be aware, they’re are blocking your view, you cross the intersection and CRASH! You run into another vehicle trying to cross the intersection. Catch the weeds before they become a problem.

During the end of February, take advantage of our weed services. We’ll spray your whole yard or target areas where the weeds our most prominent. You are also covered for 1 calendar year or until December 31st. If they aren’t dying a couple of weeks of us spraying, please let us come back out and retreat. The chemical that we spray kills existing ones and keeps new ones from sprouting.

Weeds are reaching their branches from underground and making their way to the surface. Keep your grounds clear from weeds, give Genuine Pest Control a call, we can even offer hauling those dead weeds out and away from your property. If you’d like to learn more about our service, feel free to visit the link below.


Thank you for choosing Genuine Pest Control.