Ways to detect Bat Infestation and how we could help


  Bat infestations could pose a threat to your, home, safety, and health. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect your home from them. To escape unfavorable weather conditions, bats seek shelter in areas where it is warm and dry; and your attic is definitely a nice and cozy place to roost. While male bats roost outside, female bats make their way to your home. Furthermore, this presents a larger risk considering they birth baby bats to increase its population. Ways to eliminate these issues are to identify ways to prevent an infestation. Below is a guide that will direct on things you need to know.

How to understand you have bat roomies. Bats are likely the quietest room mates you would ever have. They are active during the evening, confirming their presents will take a thorough investigation; so put on your detective caps, and dust off you smoking pipes

  • Points of entry – bats typically utilize the same one or two entry points to access your attic. Often time there are vulnerabilities to your home like wall vents and sidings. Regardless of access point locations, you should be able to identify them on the exterior sides of your home. Although, quiet this room mate is extremely filthy. They leave behind greasy films and droppings, that will stain their points of entry. Don’t be blind as a bat, keep your eyes peeled for these clues.
  • Bat Droppings – Bats often times relieve themselves as they make their way to access points. This is a visual clue to where they might be roosting. Below is a visual representation of bat droppings.

  • Sounds – Bats are mainly active during the evening and nights and that is the best time to listen out for any suspicious noises they produce. The best way to confirm their presents is to watch them leave. Take a seat outside of you home and watch as they leave from your home and soar through the dark skies.


For some general facts about bats please visit this link: https://genuinepestcontrol.net/bats/

Here at Genuine Pest Control we can offer you a peace of mind. There are a few things that we can do based upon the situation by using deterrents and doing exclusions. We can also use pesticides to eliminate their food source. We will send a technician out to inspect your property so we can gather details for your situation. Due to health concerns, we will not catch live or remove dead bats.