Southern Nevada, like a lot of states, contain a lot of small rural towns. Sometimes it is hard finding a pest control services to protect you home or business. Cannot find pest services to remedy your rodent, termite problems or service your attic for a clean-up? Don’t let distance be a limiting factor for service, give Genuine Pest Control a call. We can service locations such as;

  1. Amargosa
  2. Beatty
  3. Dyer
  4. Indian Springs
  5. Round Mountain
  6. Sandy Valley
  7. Tonopah

If your located in Las Vegas, and can’t find any reliable company out there, we got you covered. And distance does not intimidate us. If your location is not on this list please don’t hesitate to call for an estimate, we want to expand our services to you.

For your termite issues we can offer you pretreatments to keep them from destroying your home. Rodent issue, no worries. We eliminate existing rodents, prevent new ones from entering, and close off their entrances. We can also eliminate your weed problem too by spraying a mixture that both kills and prevents new growth! Your health, safety, comfort, and sanity is paramount don’t let your local pest ruin that.

Contact us right away, please visit the link below;