Ho Ho! Genuine Pest Control is here to spread a little Christmas cheer!  Though you think you may not get a lot of insects around  and there’s no and ant mounds. Don’t let those critters bugs skitter. Yes they are seeking shelter in your home, to get away from that dreaded cold. Just eyeing it like gold. Seeing that they may not survive they’re giving their next generation a try. Don’t give a chance, trust me you don’t want to jump on your table doing the insect dance…

So keep your guard up and that insecticide barrier going. They know it when you stop because the critters will keeping on showing. Let’s keep that smile glowing. We’ll keep on spraying and keep those pest praying. Don’t let them fool you, they’re still around waiting until you put your dukes down.

Once the eggs hatch they will be no match. Bye bye buggies never come again In our customer’s house you will never come in. On your schedule let us keep coming we’ll send them running. Or not a customer don’t let that be a bust for… Okay have no rhyme that one, but give a us a shot we can solve you pest issues right on the spot!