Perching Pigeons

The summer is coming and you think it would be wise to invest in Solar Panels to save you from high electric bills. Wise choice indeed, until, out or nowhere pigeons want to stop that from happening. Now they are building nest and are laying waste to your new solar panels.

You have tried countless times warding them away with your broom swooshing techniques, but they keep coming back! Worry not my friend, let the professionals at Genuine Pest Control come to your aid. A technician will dispose of any and all nesting materials from your solar panels. A black metal screen would be installed to block them out and metal clips, instead of screws are used to secure the screen to prevent damage to your roof. Additionally, screening is customized to precisely match indentations in the roofing tiles, preventing pigeons from breaching the screens.

Our goal is to give those pesky pigeons a reason not to perch on your property. Install those solar panels you spent your hard earn money on, and let us protect them for you. Have spare time on your hands? Feel free to check out ways to prevent birds from becoming a future problem, and we offer services for cleaning up your attic from pigeon waste. If you may, visit the link below for our bird control services.