Tired of tripping on mounds in your garden, or are those pesky gophers messing up your lawn? Gophers dig tunnels underground and eat roots of vegetation, a single gopher can destroy your garden. They are also problematic because they carry diseases and parasites that can affect you and your pets health. One rule you want to keep in mind is to get rid of them as soon as you possibly can! As soon as you seen the signs, don’t hesitate to give us, Genuine Pest Control, a call. First, we probe the ground to locate the gophers runways, then we level out the mounds and deposit a poison pellet, or gas. We also take measures to prevent new gophers from intruding. After three days of your initial service you still see them scrounging around, give us a call, we can re-treat the area at no additional cost. Know the signs! Read the list below to determine if you are having gopher issues;

  • First and foremost, check for any mounds. Mounds are formed when the gopher burrows underground and discards the excess soil above ground.
  • Damaged vegetation, mounds will not always be visible, or the the gopher might be visiting you from next door. If your vegetation have damage roots, then, well, that might be a sign from a gopher intrusion.

The first solution to dealing with these destructive dirt diggers is detection! Look for the signs before it’s too late! You are the hero of your garden. And, you don’t have to be alone in eliminating them, we just a call away. Feel free to send us an email at office@genuinepestcontrol.net.