Now, get this, instead of streaming youtube, the termites have a new video streaming service, called Termite tube. And instead of trying to find them on a website, they’ll make it easy. They’d bring it right in your own backyard, and your home! That’s right, Termite tube make it easy for you! Just wait until your rainiest season and you can have termite tubes in no time!

Listen, no one wants to see termite tubes, especially seeing them all over your home causing thousands of dollars of damages to your home. Seeing mud tubes mean that you have an active or inactive termite infestation. Before they can be too much an issue call Genuine Pest Control to get rid of them. I know what your thinking, “I live in the desert, and they don’t survive long out here,” That may be true in most cases, but if you supply them a water source they would survive.

A qualified technician can be there in no time to spray for active infestations. We suggest you to be proactive and look into our termite pre-treatment options. You can can click on this link to learn more, https://genuinepestcontrol.net/termite-treatments-and-inspections/. View the image above, and see our desert surviving termites look. And yes, it’s hard to see our little survivors, but they are indeed their. Go zoom in on your phone or device and see for yourself.