Protect home from wood boring pest

With the housing market at its peak, houses are being built quicker with each passing day. With each home being built termites or other wood boring pest are waiting, and watching amongst the shadows. And they have one thing on their minds, “We’d love to make a home out that lovely, and soft wood.”

From a microscope perspective you can see their eyes are just bulging from their tiny little skulls. And mouths are salivating uncontrollably. However, Little they know the home is being built has a heavy layer of termite doom. Therefore, Genuine Pest Control can guard your newly constructed home with wood penetrating chemicals that kill wood boring pest.

Up to 2 feet of all wooden members are sprayed with a coat of chemical and all 4 sides are covered. And if all sides of the wood are not exposed a double layer is then applied. Also if all sides of the wood support beams are not exposed, no problem. We could recommend a termite mote around your structure. Or more popularly known as a Vertical Soil Treatment.

When the termites or other wood boring insects see that blue the idea of destroying your home quickly dissolves. Also, for information about the service please click on the link below!