ground squirrel

Hole-ly Heck Ground Squirrels

Hey Paul, we need to seriously need to work on the back yard. You said that you will do it months ago, now since it is the Holiday season we are going to have family visit. And I cannot let them see how bad our backyard is. And you know they will just keep talking about us if they see it the way it is. My this will be so embarrassing.

“I am sorry honey, but the last few times I worked out there I almost twisted my ankle through those ground squirrel holes, I don’t want to risk breaking my ankle, or worse. I will worry about it later. Besides, we can just close the blinds, no one will have to see or go back there.”

Ground squirrels are cute, and don’t mean harm to humans, but can turn you backyard into hole-ly terror! Don’t be a victim and trip and break you ankle trying to avoid ground squirrels holes or possibly tripping in them. After all, your hospital bills will cost you more than trying to get rid of the pest. Genuine Pest Control got you covered. Call and ask about our ground squirrel service. That way it will tech them to leave your property alone.