Honey! There’s a SNAKE IN THE BACKYARD!!!

Put those shotguns away, and let the experts here at Genuine Pest Control solve your snake issues. First, we will assess the points of entry, then we will spray a barrier 30 feet around your property; finally we use snake away granules to keep the snakes from coming back.

Aiding in keeping the snakes at bay, please use these home remedies to keep them from making a shelter in your home:

  • Eliminate food and water supplies. Snakes are often present when rodents are around, considering they are their primary food source. They also consume birds, moles, and insects; keep these critters away, then you are less likely to encounter a snake slithering around.
  • Snakes like to hide in cracks, holes and crevices. Install guards around these areas to keep them from seeking refuge. Thoroughly maintain damaged pipes, gutters, and ventilation ducts or replace broken screens and doors. Keep your property clean, excess debris supplies them shade and shelter. Don’t let the snakes use your turf as a hunting ground.
  • Snakes have a keen sense of smell, making them very sensitive to odors and fumes. One smell they dislike is smoke. Bury a fire pit and let is smoke for a few days, cover it with leaves or moss for the best effect.
  • Use natural products like sulfur, clove and cinnamon, garlic and onions, vinegar, or ammonia. You can also create your own mixture of lime and hot peppers or peppermint then distribute it around your property. Snakes hate the smell and the fumes makes their skin itchy.

Don’t fall victim to a snake intrusion. Please consider the tips above, or give us a call! To learn more please visit this link: https://genuinepestcontrol.net/snakes/