As I said in the post, I take pride in working for Genuine Pest Control.

When I first started I thought pest control was killing spiders, cockroaches, and ants….

I was half right…

After a month of being in the field my eyes have been OPENED.

From screening off solar panels to relocate pigeons, and pressure washing Spanish tiles to get rid of the macabre mess they leave behind; to inspecting attic after attic for signs of rodents(droppings/chew marks) we do it all. When I say we do it all, I mean ALL.


As I write this, I’m taking a break from getting my truck ready for tomorrow’s job. It’s a beautiful home, clean, 2,100 square feet in the heart of Las Vegas. Everything about the house says “Buy me.” But, there was one problem….Rodents..

Rodents have wreaked havoc in their attic and contaminated their insulation with toxic droppings and rat urine. They’ve chewed through wiring(which, is a Serious hazard, houses have burned down this way) and left a huge mess behind for someone to clean.

Not only are we going to be driving out all of the rodents that have made a home for themselves their, but we are closing every exterior opening on the house, roof, and attic, to make sure they never come back. We are removing their insulation(all of it) and cleaning any hazardous mess left behind. Then, after all of that, we are installing R50(up to code) insulation. Fresh, clean, new insulation. Not contaminated by any rodents or unwanted house guests. On top of all that, we guarantee our work for a year, ensuring this and every customer that if there is any problems in the future we will come right back and resolve it. Our methodology is practical, ethical, and poison free(you don’t want dead rats in your wall because then you’ll have to hire a contractor next to cut open your wall to get rid of that nasty smell.)

Like I said, I first thought Pest Control was insects and creepy crawlies. It’s much more than that. It’s providing peace of mind to every customer we come into contact with. Whether it’s preventative spraying for insects, or dealing with attic cleanup and relocating birds, we do it.

We do everything in house. From installing insulation that’s always up to code, to fixing and replacing ducts that have been destroyed. Las Vegas may be famous for gambling, but Genuine Pest Control is always a sure bet.

I’ll close with this…If you have any concerns about the safety of your house, or any unwanted guests, we are just a phone call away for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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