Trash, trash, trash everywhere!!! these humans are so gross they leave it everywhere! There is so much food to choose from! And they make it so easy, on certain days they put it right next to the street for us to take. So simple minded, their brains are smaller than our bird brains. My name is Connor Crow at your service, or should I say at my stomach’s service. I simply love it when the trash containers are lined up. And the lids to the aforementioned are open and the disposed food is ready for the taking.

I have to mention too, some of you humans have horrible taste in food and really need to stay away from that kitchen. Also, I love it when the trash containers also attract rodents and bugs. All the more to devour for our long travels. It is like what you humans say we can kill two birds with one stone. But, of course I do not like that term. It sounds so much better to say kill two humans with one stone.

Sometimes, during our raids, we come across peoples patios that are an awful mess, and there is just food everywhere! Oh ho ho ho… Yes with so much food around us birds won’t be able to reach the skies. Anyway, Connor Crow thanks everyone again and is writing this letter with the utmost gratitude.