Cleaning Up Your Attic After a Rodent Infestation

These are not the ghost and ghouls roaming in you attic, no they are much worse! First, before cleaning up droppings from your attic, you want to ensure all the rodents have been removed. Rodents do not care to take refuge in clean attics. No food or water no rodents. You absolutely want to make sure that rat, and mice urine is cleaned up, and sanitized. leaving rodent urine is only an invitation to invite more rodents!

Once you addressed the rodent infestation, it is time to put on that apron and pull that dust mop out. Cleaning up after rodents can reduce the spread of diseases caused by their feces. Below is a guide to clean up and disinfect your attic.

  1. It is best to manually remove droppings and nesting materials instead of vacuuming or sweeping them. This method prevents dust and rodent waste from spreading everywhere. Be sure to use proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) wear overalls and rubber gloves. Be certain to wear a mask to prevent accidental inhalation of dust and pathogens. Spray the rodent waste with home-made disinfectant with one part bleach and ten parts water, then let it is sit for approximately five minutes. Dump all the waste in sealed bags or containers in a trash with a lid.
  2. Dispose of any rodents that are dead, of course, after donning your PPE. Spray another layer of disinfectant in the surrounding areas, and let it soak for 5 minutes. Wipe areas clean with a rag or durable paper towel.
  3. Check for exposed insulations. Rodents find the attics to be cozy because of insulation. They know that insulation is not edible, but they chew on it to trim their growing teeth. When you spot damaged insulation, do not keep it, dispose of it and replace it with new ones. Keep in mind, rodents leave droppings and urine in insulations. Cleaning up the insulation is costly, and take too much time. In the long run it is not worth the trouble.
  4. Remove any excess clutter in your attic. Rodents love places to hide. Doing this also makes it easier to spot them. Also, keep your attic clear from insects. Don’t give rodents a reason to stay!

As a rule of thumb, sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize. If they can’t find food, or they can’t get in then they have no intention on moving in. Take advantage of our rodent exclusionary service, after we gather information for an estimate, we seal off any openings that they may crawl through. Don’t worry service customers in Vegas as well! To learn more, please visit our attic cleaning service at If you are interested in learning more about rodents, check out this link,