Clean Attic

You are entering your attic for the first time ever, then you turn on the lights and notice you have rodent poop everywhere. And upon closer investigation you also see nesting material everywhere! If a rodent can’t find food and water source they vacate the premise. That does not mean they won’t leave their messes behind. This especially applies when you purchase an older home. Needing an attic clean up?

You should not have to take matters into your own hands doing an attic clean up. Give Genuine Pest Control to clean up. We offer attic clean ups where we get rid of old insulation and put new ones in. We would also clean up rodent nesting materials as well. Let us put your mind at ease. Then, when you are ready to sell, you can sell your home with confidence. Who would buy your home with past rodent infestations. There also could be a chance they may come back.

Give those pesky rats less of a reason to infest, like ensuring that you have no leaking faucets or pipes. Make sure all openings are sealed shut. And close containers that hold dog food. Interested in learning about our clean up service, hang by our website.