buying a home and selling is a lot of work, signing paperwork piled ceiling high, and if you are receiving a loan through VA, or FHA you must have inspections done. One thing that will turn down any buyer is having a termite infestation, that eventually destroy homes. Given there is a sustainable environment for them. Termites thrive in the humidity. The subterranean termite which are common build shelter tubes on or under your home from the ground, eventually making it way to your home to consume the wood.

During heavy rainfall termites mate and lose their wings mainly close to a food and water source. There they establish a colony underground and consume wood to feed the colony through secretions. That alone will send shivers through your spine. Fortunately for Southern Nevada, the soil is too dry for termites to thrive in. But make no mistake, given a sustainable water supply termites can survive.

However, termite inspections are very much needed. Look no further, Genuine Pest Control offer inspections. And upon discovery of active and inactive termite activity, we can treat for that. We could offer soil and wood pre-treatments for newly constructed homes. Wood needs to be exposed view this link for details: