No Pest is Best

Here at Genuine Pest Control, we want to extend everyone a Happy New Year! But, we bet you aren’t too happy about the problems that follows the new years. To name one like I don’t know, Pest! No, were are not talking about your in-laws. We are talking about pest that hatch in the spring, and ones that are finding homes in yours to escape the chilly winds in the air.

Yes, the ones that crawl in your warm blankets at night. And the ones that grow all over your yard from all the lovely rain we endure. And also provides shade and homes for other pests like: grasshoppers, crickets, box elder bugs, spiders, and others that make your skin crawl. The ones that eat out everything in your attic or crawlspace chewing everything that crosses its’ path.

Pant…Pant… Pant… Yes, that is just to name a few. The pest don’t care about making your New Year a good year. Nope, they care about themselves trying to rule in population… We suppose there is strength in numbers. Shed those worries good bye, and fortify your home with our bi-monthly, quarterly, or monthly insect service. Also, ask about our weed service. Get your yard protected from pesky weeds, and be backed with a warranty that will last you until the end of the calendar year!