Equip yourself with that level 100 shield, armour, and Halberg, because defending your attic and home is a never ending quest. To name a few of these creatures you will be protecting your home against are, bats, pigeons, insects, and rodents. Those aren’t even all the insidious beast you will encounter. Good luck and be sure to drink plenty of potions when you are feeling weary.

Defending your home from pests is a job that deserves a lot of attention around the clock. However, you don’t have to be alone in the fight, you have party members to aid you in your ongoing quest towards keeping your attic pest free. Hire your party from Genuine Pest Control. We’ll help you combat existing pest and prevent new ones from entering your forretress. Learn more and visit this link below;


That’s not all, we equip you with knowledge that will aid you in your quest!

  • Keep an open ear out for any movement or noises they produce, rather it be them scurrying, flying or calling out to each other.
  • Prevent the beast from entering by installing guards and mesh around cracks and or crevices.
  • Keep your attic clean, do not give them a reason to intrude your dwelling.
  • There are plenty of deterrents like aerosols, or home remedies that you can use to keep them at bay. Animals have a keen sense of smell, use it against them.

With all the equipment necessary defending your place of comfort don’t have to be a difficult challenge. Your home is your place of comfort, and we will like to help you keep it that way. Good luck our royal guard, may peace remain at your home!