Rain Cloud

It is cold, gloomy and the skies are grey. Rain from the clouds beats on the surface. Seeds below the surface will then soak up the rain water, then eventually sprout their limbs above the ground. Straight out of a horror film like zombies sprouting from their graves, weeds are replicating that scene.

Let us face it, you do not want to be outside staring in the face of hard work. No you are staying warm underneath your blanket watching movies. Who wants to be outside picking every strand of weeds while water is pouring from the heavens, then being drenched? Not to mention, while you are being soaked the mud keeps you from moving at a brisk pace. Call our office to schedule your weed service, so that you can sit and relax, maybe you can finish your series on your favorite streaming program.

Remember your weed service is guaranteed until the end of the Calendar year. Take advantage of free re-services until the end of December! We don’t disturb your precious plants either, instead we will spray a 3-5 feet barrier around them. Do not let weeds bog you down. To view details about our weed service, please visit the link below. Have any burning questions on your mind, you can address them with our customer service.