Roy Rat

Um, hi Roy the rat here, I am a little new at this. My dad sort of um, inspired? Yes inspired me to write this note, no, no pressure at all. Guess I can get to the point. I just wanted to um make a list of things we dislike so that we can keep you humans company.

Well here it goes… You know that spicy stuff that makes our eyes water, I believe like cyan pepper, or peppermint, yes please don’t use that stuff, also, can you guys just leave open your trash lids? Well, when they’re closed we can get to your delicious food. However, you’re going to throw it away anyway…

I mean I have been to a couple of homes and the trash lid is sealed tight. Like one I have seen looks like a silver shiny shield. Since we could not access the trash can we go for the counters and sometimes those foods are locked in individually sealed containers.

Getting back to scary smells, once, I have been to a home the have smells of predators. One of coyote some body used. The smells really sent shivers down my whiskers. Also, I want to thank you for reading, and if you have not caught the name it’s Roy the Rat.