I have not ate so much in my life! There’s just so many different insects to choose from. And the best part of it is… I don’t really have to move a muscle. The bugs get caught, and, yeah, I just drain their life’s essence. Sure that sounds scary, but that is the way I roll. Why do you think the humans choose us as a mascot on Halloween. We’re freaking terrifying. By the way my name is Spinchy, Spinchy the Spider.

You probably thinking that’s a funny name, but has an interesting back story to it. It all started when some wise guy fly flew into my web. And thought he can get out with I don’t know will power? Anyway my parents were visiting from Mrs. Jones apartment. One thing I have to tell you, how we eat dinner is way different from you humans. We don’t cook or anything. We sit there, talk, then wait to something get caught right into our trap.

Back to the main story, before I ate that fly I pinch my pincers twice or three times. And every time something lands on my web. I would just pinch my pincers. I don’t know why I do that, it is just the way I am. Just like how you humans will click your metal pincers while barbecuing, for me it is same thing.

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of rain, and that has brought in swarms from all over. I mean I am eating so much most times I feel like my belly will explode. You humans keep them coming though, with no pest control I eat like a king! Thank you! Spinchy is finally living his best!  I think I may have to call my family here too, and tell them they can, as well, eat like kings and queens!