Halloween is fast approaching! While plastic or paper bat at your local dollar store are pretty neat, real bats are a problem. Your attic is a great place to HANG OUT! If you have any existing bat or a past problem give us a call. Bats leave nasty messes behind with urine and poop in mind. And, as they squeeze through openings, they leave a residue behind. These messes invite bacteria, which is not good for your health.


Looking to get your attic cleaned and chase those bats away give us a call. We will eliminate traces of pest infestation inside the structure by thoroughly and efficiently vacuuming, removing all accessible insulation, and removing any and all nesting materials. We would then apply a sterilizer that would eliminate residual smells. A technician can replace tainted insulation and replace it with an R-38 batted fiberglass insulation, or one of your choice.


The whole clean up process just doesn’t apply to bats, but other pest as well. Keep your plastic or paper bats hanging and leave the live ones to us. If you are interested in learning more about our attic clean-up services, please visit the link below: We look forward to serving you!