No, this is not the type of terminartor you want to see around your home. Worried about termites ruining your home? Let us at Genuine Pest Control prevent those pest from becoming an issue. We offer three pre-treatments, horizontal treatment, (This treatment is sprayed before the concrete is poured;) and vertical treatment, (We dig a vertical trench around the property(s) and fill it with pesticide.) Finally, we offer wood treatment, wood must be exposed for this service. Have an existing termite issue? No problem, send us some pictures of the termites, we will identify ways to assist you. Interested in preventing these destructive bugs from becoming a menace to your home? View the passages below for helpful tips:

  1. Don’t let wood from your home touch the ground, and allow at least 3 inches of earth-to-wood spacing. Having wood too close to the ground allow termites to create shelter and feed. Window frames, and sidings should be roughly 6 inches from the ground. If you have a garden be sure that your soil or mulch don’t make contact above your foundation. Also, eliminate wood from supporting steps or post.
  2. Do not let moisture accumulate near the foundation. Termites thrive in humid environments, and fixing any dripping faucets or pipelines could help. Air conditioning units will need to be properly maintained.
  3. Ensure there is no stacked wood against the sides of the property, this does not only give termites shelter, it allows termites to eventually make way to your home through the piled wood.

Reduce your risk for a termite attack, consider the steps above, or give us a call for pre-treaments. To learn more about termites, feel free to visit this page, To learn more about our termite treatment and inspections please click on this link,