Creepy Cralwspace

Deep down into a place, where no man has gone… Introducing your creepy crawlspace! Many creatures lurk in the shadows eventually making their way into a place you call home! Crawlspaces most times houses spiders, termites, and even rodents! The list does not stop there either, that is why keeping a well ventilated and clean crawlspace is important.

If a crawlspace is not properly ventilated must pest that thrive in humid environments like to call it home. Pest such us termites and mold, cock roaches, and etc love places like that! Upon setting up a home there they eventually destroy your home and or health!

Your home is for your comfort, family, and friends, don’t let uninvited guest take over! At Genuine Pest Control we will destroy any insects that dwell there, or chase out all rodents. For rodents we clear out any and all nests, set up traps to kill existing rodents, spray a deterrent, then close out any gaps they may crawl back through. For the insects, we dawn a crawl space suit, crawl right through, and spray insecticide that kills most insects. Contact us today!

And by now, if you have been following any previous blogs, you know we have your back, read below for any tips for keeping a clean crawlspace;

  • Before setting up your home lay some tarp down. This will keep critters from entering through the ground.
  • Don’t be a stranger to your crawl space keep it clean, or hire someone to do it. It is important to ensure that it is well ventilated.
  • Get it sprayed with insecticide on a regular bases. Also, check to see if there any leaks!