grasshopper on grass

Good morning grasshopper family,

I am cordially inviting you all to my home for a family gathering. My home is in Mrs. Roger’s backyard, it is the big weed next to the shed. There will be a great variety of food to choose from and a pool of water to swim and drink from. Personally, I don’t think I could not have chosen a better place to live.

Do not worry about bringing any food I have plenty to choose from, from helpless ants, if you are a vegetarian, no problem you can munch on the weeds nearby. Oh, and please if you need some where to live there are plenty of weeds to live in nearby. And don’t worry you don’t have to pay a dime on rent or mortgage.

I must say, living here is the dream my grasshopper family, I look forward to your visitation, and possibly you guys moving in as well. we could all be neighbors! I want to thank you all for taking your time reading this message, see you soon.

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