Masterful Mice

Striking fear out the hearts of many. When they move it is like seeing a blur out of the corners of your eyes. Mind you food and beverages because they are going to make off of it. Yes the Menacing Masked Mice are coming for your pantry. Look for signs such as poop. Wherever these fiends go they are leaving trails. Not cleanest bandits out there but are hard to catch!

You’ve seen the cartoons, these little rascals will make off with your meal with a blink of an eye. Then, when you chase them around the house, good luck! They are almost sure to escape anything you got going after them. Leaving you with failed attempts and disappointment. And if you think hiring a hawk is a good idea? Think again. Said hawk could simply leave, or worse, poop on that new coat of paint on your lexus, then leave.

Save yourself the shame, call a pest expert that cares, and takes the time to inform you on tricks to keep them at bay, and away from your property. Including ways to keep them out of your home. The Menacing Masked Mice are out there, guard yourself, your health and safety are paramount.