Clean Attic

Now those fowl beast in your attic such as those wretched rodents or birds, we must claim the spoils of battle! And when we say spoils we don’t mean that level 75 Nightmares helmet you have been searching for. No, it is actually all the mess they left behind. And while you wish to sell it to your local merchant for gold coins, this mess needs to be disposed of properly.

Ask your party members at Genuine Pest Control to do it for you. View the list below to learn how:

  • First, we will vanquish rodent and bird traces inside your structure by thoroughly vacuuming the attic, removing accessible insulation, debris, any and all nesting materials.
  • We’ll deploy a liquid sterilizer that will remove the residual odors caused my rodent urine.
  • After, we will replace the insulation using R-38 batted fiberglass insulation. We can also install an insulation of your choosing.
  • Finally, we will retreat the attic once more with an irritant and deterrent. Then set out new traps as a precautionary measure.

Be merry, the quest has finally ended! Now, we can gather for a feast. The link below is a portal that will send you to our contact page enter it as you may: