Termite Moat

Termite Moat

Today, marks the day where no termite shall enter my structure. For too long the beast have destroyed homes, and other wooden objects. They have robbed me of my shillings constructing homes after homes. Oh I spent countless days without rest just pondering on how I get rid of these pest. When rains pour the beast multiply and take shelter upon your residence. These beast are known as termites! And they are force that shall not be ignored.

Yes, the rain seems to carry them and they disappear underground establishing colonies, and eventually eat away all your wooden materials. After restless nights I think I figured how to destroy these pest and protect my home from these termite infestations. Yes! I feel this is the only proper way… I will dig a termite moat! This moat will carry the most vicious and vile creature that will combat the termites so that I will reign victory!

I already thought of what this termite moat will house. It shall carry alligators, hungry piranhas, and maybe a shark or two… Yes the ideas are pouring like whiskey at a barrel straight out of the tavern full of drunken fools. So long Termites you have met your match!

Meanwhile the moat idea is pretty spot on, we doubt alligators, piranhas, and sharks will never get hungry for termites. They just might eat each other first, and… we know that can get messy. Instead of a huge moat we can downsize that, and fill with termiticide.  And good thing with the little trench dug around your home we can fill it back up, keeping you from falling in when you have too many drinks at that tavern. Protect your home from Termites and ask about our soil pretreatment service.