Ground Squirrel

This contender is high on the cuteness scale, the ground squirrel. These adorable little creatures are easy on the eyes, but not when they start destroying your hard labored yard. They chew through plastic damaging your sprinkler heads or tearing apart your plants. Not only they send your yard to ruins, but they also transmit fleas, which is a red flag for you and your pets health.

If you are having troubles with ground squirrels, feel at ease and please give us a call. A technician will set bat boxes. Then they would check back at the boxes once a week for the first twi weeks from the initial service day. The boxes boxes would be monitored for activity and poison level remaining. This will give us an idea on the number of ground squirrels are present on the property. This service is guaranteed for thirty days from the initial service date. There is no additional cost for a technician having to check again within that 30 day window.

The poison is not transferable as well. When the ground squirrel dies ingesting the poison from the bait box, and your pet consumes the carcass your pet would not be harmed from the poison.

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