spider-boi mic

What’s up y’all this is spider boi aka the cuddle bug and welcome to my podcast! I just want to thank you for letting me stay warm in your home from those chilly nights outside. When they say the weather outside is frightful, they weren’t lying, I mean I seen the discovery channel on your t.v. and let me tell you, those spiders outside look miserable!

I am making this podcast directly for you people, and want to give y’all a shoutout. Without the comfort of your home, I could be out there freezing my as*domen off. And you people provide free food too? I gotta say ya’ll are too kind. Now all I could ask if you could bring the food to me, you know like the room service folks who bring you breakfast in bed… But naw I’m just playin, how could I ask for more?

Afterall, I don’t have to pay rent or anything, I just kick it in my web all day until I catch those delicious roaches, then at night I kick it in your bed. And man you people keep yourselves warm at night. Talk about living the life of luxury! Anyway I’ll wrap this podcast up my web, I want to thank ya’ll again, your friend spider boi!