Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the place,

Smells of rodents in the attic

I needed to erase

I got on my tool belt,

and got out my ladder

I removed insulation,

Ruined by a bladder

I got out my flashlight,

Put a mask on my face

This tight little attic,

 Was more like a crawlspace

I found droppings and teeth marks

And chewed up wire

Good thing they called us,

We prevented a fire

I laid trap upon trap,

With our special bait

I got so excited

But it was now time to wait

Deep cleaning the attic,

Deep cleaning the poo,

I thought I was finished

When I heard a loud “Coo”

I’ve heard a cat growling,

I’ve heard a dog woof,

But the sound I was hearing

Was up on the roof

I climbed and I climbed

Wearing my gloves and my flannel

I spotted the culprit

Nesting under the panel

Solar panel nesting

In the Las Vegas Valley,

Can be filthier and smellier,

Than the back of an alley

I took out my clippers,

I took out my screen

I excluded the panels

And made it all clean

My job was now over,

I gave it my best

That’s what you get

When you call Genuine Pest 

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Happy Holidays