Sure, watching pigeons is fun at the park, and in many ways kind of cute. But they cross the annoying threshold when they start making a home in your attic or roof. Birds carry a host of diseases which can be hazardous to your health. Finding their poop everywhere is very unpleasant to say the least. We have a solution for most of your avian related issues. First, we will send a technician to assess the nesting locations, if the technician identifies it’s a pigeon nesting, then they will determine the best treatment to eliminate them. If it is another species, then they formulate a solution that will send them away packing.

The control generally entail clearing out the nest, then screening out the area. We also install bird spikes and apply Avitrol depending on the severity of the infestation. And don’t worry this service is warrantied for three years. However, for you proactive folks, please consider the steps below to prevent those winged pest from stealing your property.

  • Birds cannot stand the smell of garlic, chili, cayenne pepper, lemons, and vinegar. Just sprinkle chili powder in high places such as your attic. Or, spray vinegar on areas where birds target, such as your lawn. Vinegar contain acids that may irritate them.
  • They can’t stand landing on sticky places, consider placing sticky traps on the affective areas.
  • You can also consider statues of natural predators that scare them. Stop on by that antique store and purchase that snake statue you have been eye balling for the past few weeks.

Show no fear, your heroes at Genuine Pest Control will make them disappear! Still intrigued? Please visit this link to lean more about pigeons, And please, to learn more about our pigeon services enter this link