The nightmare begins! Bed bugs, the vampire of the insect universe are sucking every ounce of blood from your being. And no, garlic can’t fend off these fiends. Don’t be alone in the fight in slaying them, let us come to your aid. We treat infested rooms, including furniture with a combination of chemicals. Bed bugs nest within the cracks of furniture, especially one made of wood. They are also very resilient, and multiply quickly. Every 7-10 days a technician will return after an initial spray to kill off any existing and new bugs that may have spawned. Leave your worries behind, the service is guaranteed for 2 months. There is absolutely no charge for a re-service. Please bear in mind, the rooms we treat during the initial service are the only rooms that are covered under the warranty.

You don’t have to stroll through the grocery store buying every ounce of garlic they offer. However, read the passage below, we got your back. Here are steps to destroying these blood sucking bed barons:

  • Live in an area where it is hot? Place your clothes and or your furniture in garbage bags and let them sit outside. The heat may kill off any living bed bug.
  • Run a cycle of your laundry, use the warmest temp your laundry will allow.
  • Consider heat treating the affected rooms of your household.

Don’t let these miniature mobile blood banks sap up your blood. Excited to lean more about bed bugs, please visit this link;