Say and Spray it

At Genuine Pest Control, we just don’t say it, we spray it? Yes, when we say that we will take care of you pest problems, we will. Each service is backed by a guarantee. Suppose you are trying to finally relax after a long work day, then you find a scorpion trying to tip toe across your kitchen floor?

The areas we treat we can come to re-service up to 2 months. If you saw said scorpion trying to ruin your day a week after you insect service. Call us and we’ll lay down the law, or poison in this case.

All services are backed with some sort of guarantee. Well, yeah, that is how we roll. Check out the rest of the website to see what your pest service is warrantied for. Nowadays, it is hard to get you monies worth in service. It seems like most companies want to take your money and disappear. Pest problems don’t go away after one service. It takes time and persistence. We guess you could say that we bug the bugs.

Genuine Pest Control takes pride in our work, and the goal is not to rob you blind, but solve your pest issues. After all, we don’t just say it, we spray it. Feel free to scan our website or follow the link to contact us.