Sprouting Weeds

Summer is out and your kids are out of school, little that they know, you the parent’s are going to put them to work. The sun turns up its temperature and you sent your kids to go pick up the weeds around the yard. Or even worse, you don’t have kids to do the work, so you are left pulling them yourself! Pulling weeds is back breaking work, and doing it under the sun does not make it more thrilling!

Save the back breaking labor for someone else! We can send a technician to take care of them for you, and your kids! We spray an herbicide that kills weeds at their roots. Also, utilize a power sprayer with a dual herbicide mixture that destroys existing weeds and prevent new ones from growing! The mixture contains a Blue turf dye so you know where the technician have sprayed. We spray 5 feet arounds desirable plants, 10 feet around ponds, and won’t spray where animals graze. Want to only pay where they are most active? No problem, ask about our partial coverage!

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Eradicating weeds are important and here is why!

  • Safety, often times you like to play your yard, you don’t want to put yourself in danger by leaving weeds around, you can easily trip over them. And some contain thorns!
  • Just like a leech, they steal water from your plants, eventually killing them off. You want your plants to thrive, not those life stealing pest.
  • Insects and the likes utilize weeds for hiding and making homes of them. That in of itself is inviting trouble!

Weeds are nothing but trouble! Not only robbing your plants of its life’s essence, but robbing you and your time, health, safety, and energy!