Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste” – William Shakespeare

First, I want to say Happy New Year.

Second, we got your back. Literally (we’ll help save it at least)

Weeds are an unfortunate event anywhere, but in the desert, they just thrive. Those stubborn little jerks emerge, reemerge,  cut up your hands and arms & strain your back….and why?

I personally believe they are some hostile alien species with a vendetta against the human race whose only purpose is to cause pain, suffering, and dry cracked hands. The worst of the worst.

Well, we at Genuine once again have you covered( I know, how could one company do such great work in so many different areas of the labor and service industry??)



I digress. . .

Our annual weed control is just as thorough and comes full of guarantees like all of our other services.

And like with everything we do, we do weeds a little differently.

We have a multifaceted methodology to eradicate and prevent all weeds.

The thing with weeds, is you don’t want to put it off. Early is late. You might not see the growth and the takeover of weeds til early to late April, but they start their process of growth and infestation well before that. Early February is actually the best time to agree to any weed service. “Get them before they get there” is the approach. Weeds in Las Vegas are completely relentless.

If you have us take care of your weeds, not only will you get a guarantee, you’ll have nothing to stress about in that area of life(more on stress below). Also, you won’t have your HOA on your butt.

Our first step is covering the entire area with a pre-emergent herbicide- sound fancy? It is. This gets to weeds at the seed level, and prevents them from popping up.

Our second step is a post-emergent herbicide that will kill and clear any weed growth that is currently there.

Like everything we do at Genuine Pest Control for the Las Vegas Valley area, we do it thoroughly. With all our might, mind and strength.

We got your back, and we mean it.

That’s service with integrity.


Aaron Skelton

And the entire Genuine Pest Control Family