Weed service

Weed service, go big or go home?

We must admit it, the rain is coming down hard. And if you say that it’s raining like cats and dogs, well we can’t argue with that. Although technically, we can say there are no cats and or dogs, it’s just water… Technicalities aside, when you are scheduling for a weed service, think about it; would you want to spray your yard partially where only some areas are covered and other areas not?

Yes you may be thinking you could save yourself some money. Let us put this in perspective. Yes in theory you could be saving money, but only the parts sprayed are covered. Weeds are funny, and could grow heavy some places and others not. We spray the heavy spots, because you only wanted certain spots sprayed; then the rain comes crashing again for a week, then all of the sudden, the weeds grows heavy in another spot. Unfortunately it grows in a spot that is not covered in your guarantee.

Now, you are making runs to your local Walmart, or hardware store purchasing weed chemicals. The price of chemicals are pretty steep, and now you are thinking you should have gotten your whole property treated. Have any questions about our weed service, feel free to contact us.