The sun is shining, and breaking away from the big grey clouds. Yes, spring, the time is coming where everyone is breaking out the dust busters. Also clearing out their garages of all the clutter you gathered during the Holiday season.

Lurking in the shadows and deep within the cracks… You laugh now, but in those cracks there are creatures skittering about. Waiting to lunge right out at you and consume your flash. Well, maybe not dramatic, but close. Insects are making a shelter out of the boxes you store in your closets, garages, sheds; where ever you pile your stuff in.

And hey, insects aren’t the only ones going through your stuff. Rodents like to make shelter of your stuff too. Since the sun is out, they are hungry. They are racing across your halls to find anything that looks like a meal. And no, they are not helping you with your spring cleaning. They are helping their bellies cleaning your fridge, or garbage.

Do the smart thing, clear out you pest problem with pest control. Take advantage of the services we offer from insect sprays, and full on rodent exclusions. Make your spring cleaning easy, call to set up services today. Swing by the office, or drop us off an email. We make it easy to help you.