Hey there! This is your neighbor speaking, I been living in your attic for I don’t know, a year or so. I understand, this about the time you gather with your friends to enjoy that delicious, scrumptious… Okay I may be going on a little tangent now. Just thinking about it makes my tail stand straight up! Well, that’s okay you are always leaving food behind for me to share with my family. And that, I have to extend a round of a paws for you.

I must ask you something though! Can you leave a little more mac and cheese behind, for your neighbor. Oh, my mouth is just salivating just thinking about it, hold on a split second, just need to clean off my whiskers. Anyway, yeah, we are really hungry up here, and my cousin just volunteered me to write this note. He’s always thinking about his stomach, and my family favors him the most. To be honest, I don’t know what they see in him. Please don’t let them see this note… Never mind, forget I even wrote that…

I would like to remind you that Thanksgiving is all about sharing with your neighbors. Well, without us you’d have leftover food all over your house! I mean what a mess you have to deal with! Luckily for you, we are off in a jiffy cleaning that mess you or your children leave behind. This note is getting really long so I will end it with this. Happy Holidays, share that food and happy spirits… Well the food mostly. You know what just the food, JUST DROP THE FRIGGIN FOOD!

Love, Your Friend Rigby The Rat