Picasso Pigeon


Yes. I like to poo what of it?! I am begging with that line because I am tired of yous people complaining about pigeon poo every where. My name is Picasso Pigeon no relation to the artist, but hey I suppose you can say that I make a pretty descent painting with my butt.

Now listen up I have a story to write to you so called humans. Me and my comrades have been living in luxury on top of the Johnson’s roof tops. And boy we love to see the husband’s turn red when we poop on his shiny new red ride. We think it looks better green, white, and yellow but that’s our opinion.

One day we took a break to find other property to poop on, and have to admit it was a good time with the boys. However, as we returned from our adventure. Mr. Johnson had hired some other human to install some sort of wired screening under their solar panels. Those things made good homes for us. but then we tried to land on other parts of the house, there were these pointy spikes. I mean OUCH!

I gotta say that day I lost a few feathers from the anger boiling inside me. The humans don’t know but I could understand what they’re talking about. I heard Johnson and this other human talk about a warranty. I don’t know what that means, but Johnson has not seen the last of us! No I am not talking about the show… Picasso Pigeon will have his revenge!