Rupert Rodent Cartoon

As I lay here I cannot help but to think how good I had it when me and my comrades used to raid the kitchen of Mrs. Wilson’s home. Hi, this is Rupert the Rodent speaking by the way if that’s any importance to you. Anyway, She had the best chilis, I mean her kids would not eat it. I going to take an educated guess and say that they were highly allergic. You should see their faces when they took that first bite. While Mrs. Wilson’s back was turn the kids will scoop it in the trash. And man I have not seen someone move so quickly.

At night when the trash lid was wide open, we’ll make our move eating that delicious chilly like there was no tomorrow. That was some good eating for months. But it all was ruined when Roger was caught. I never seen his eyes so big when he was gazing into Mrs. Wilson’s eyes. She screamed so loud you could hear it over a chainsaw directly over your ears.

Now she made no hesitation for rodent control. I think it was these Genuine Pest or something or other guys. They sealed off all our entry points, cleared out our nest. And not to mention, but will for the sake of this story. They killed a lot of my family members on these traps. I was lucky to have survived. Just this last week Roger tried to go back to her home. It did not take him long to make his way back. He said it was horrible over there.

Roger mentioned the home had a rancid smell of this strong oder, uhhh, I think it was like smelling a strong scent of peppermint, he said it almost singed his whiskers. He also said that he couldn’t help to smell coyotes lingering around. Roger quickly vanished from the home, and warned us not to turn back. We are in the process of finding our next target, and we will find one. Mark my words! This is Rupert the Rodent speaking I am over and out.