Rodent Control

Rodent infestation can be a pesky problem for homeowners. Not only can they wreak havoc on the structure of their home, but they can pose a potential health risk. If you’re tired of hearing the scurrying in the night, let the experts at Genuine Pest Control help you out! We have years of experience helping clients just like you. Your home is your safe haven—we’ll make sure it stays that way.


  • Reasons for Infestation

Rodents are resourceful animals. They are constantly on the lookout for food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, your home may have all of those things readily available to pests and rodents. They love to burrow down in nooks and crannies, and if you leave food and water sources available to them, then they will almost certainly find them every time. We’re here to ensure that your home is airtight and no longer a home or buffet for these unwelcomed guests.


  • Our Thorough Process 

We take pride in doing a thorough job the first time. Our rodent control services are designed to give you the best customer service and high-quality results. When you choose Genuine Pest Control, this is the step-by-step process you can expect every time.

We start by sending our experts (Estimator and/or Technician) to complete a full inspection of your home. The inspection identifies all contributing food and water sources that may be contributing to rodent activity.  Once we identify the rodent type and any contributing factors, we will then provide options for treatment. An Attic Clean-up is one of the options we can provide.

You can rest assured that we take all the necessary safety precautions when we do our inspections, including all proper PPE. Not only do we wear respirator masks, gloves, and shoe covers, but we also cover the entire work area. Our services include applying Non-lethal/ Non-Toxic irritants and deterrents to nesting areas to drive out the rodents from their location (usually in the attic).


Once we’ve flushed the rodents from their nest, we make sure that they can’t obtain reentry. Our experts locate exterior opening or access points rodents are using to gain access to your home.  

We not only close any gap, but also leave traps for rodents left behind. Our services involve multiple visits and come with a Full Year Guarantee

  • A Company You Can Count On

At Genuine Pest Control, we want each of our clients to feel safe and secure in their homes. We proudly serve Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Rodents can take away your peace of mind, but we’re here to give it back. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Let’s get your home completely rodent-free!


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