As Nevada continues to build, restaurants on every corner are sprouting seemingly our of no where. Vacant homes are being occupied, and new homes are being built almost at a blink of an eye. Vegas and surrounding cities are being built to accommodate more people and attractions. However, much more than just people are populating, but creatures that lurk in the deep dark tunnels of our very cities. Home to rodents and other pests you wish to not come across.

Yes, the sewers where these disgusting creatures reside. Unfortunately, they don’t just stay there. No, these pest are hungry for your food, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. They come in massive armies and sneak through areas not normally seen by the naked eye. Have rodents infesting your establishment? Indeed call Genuine Pest Control. We understand trying to find Pest companies that do a thorough and complete job. A lot of companies act like pest themselves. Instead of the rodents being pest the company you hired to get rid of them can also be pest.

We also cover rodent jobs in the following locations in Nevada:

  • Henderson
  • Summerlin
  • Paradise
  • Southwest Vegas
  • Enterprise
  • And Much More

Last, please take the time to explore our rodent services.