mouse on shoe

Hey Dexter, son, I know you find it really entertaining watching Tom and Jerry while I chase this mouse around the house. It’s not really getting my hopes up. The mouse mostly comes on top.

“I am sorry dad, but watching the cartoon reminds me of you. What else am I to do when you don’t spend time with me. You are either at home trying to catch that mouse or in the hospital.” I suppose you are right son, and I realize in my attempts on trying to catching mouse my hospital bill keep racking up, not to mention all the damages I made on the house.

“So, dad are you just going to call Genuine Pest Control to take care of it? You know they offer free estimates, they also check traps and keep new mice from entering our home. And offer a three year warranty.” You know son, I have not thought of that, I will give them a call, then we can go outside and finally go play. I owe to you after all. ” I love you dad!” I love you too son!

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