Centipedes are pretty scary to look at!

Sure, centipedes are pretty grotesque to look at, specially if it invades your home uninvited. All is well, they are simply hunting for food, like anyone else on this planet. They eat other insects, and inject a venom to subdue their prey. Although, you may be thinking to yourself that if you or your pet got bitten would it cause serious damage. The answer is that generally no, and at worse it could cause a mild swelling of the skin.

However, going back to the original point. Centipedes are not welcome, they are creepy to look at and therefore must die!! Sorry to get a little carried away, but seriously… Our technicians can help with our insect services. With our insect service we got you covered inside and out, and under, like a crawlspace, or above like an attic. All you have to do is discard the corpses, which can be equally as gross, but that is what your Roomba is for!

Don’t need to beat a dead horse, the service details are general insect blogs, or you can follow this link for our insect service details¬†https://genuinepestcontrol.net/insect-control/. Feel free to give our office a call by dialing the number below: